Who we are

Are we human or robot?

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Walking Machine is, before all, a learning experience. Its members gain knowledge through practice in the different fields of engineering. The nature of the competition which the club participates in has an important social mission: to assist people with reduced mobility. By developping robots able to accomplish simple domestic tasks, we seek to make life easier for our elders. On another level, we also want to inspire youth, by showing up to diverse promotional events in highschool and colleges.


The club’s philosophy is all about open mindedness. In fact, we will use free software before using proprietary software to accomplish our goals. This choice is motivated by the hope of sharing universal knowledge.We are also a multidisciplinary team with a diverse background. This helps us build the best robot possible using a multitude of technologies and help the largest amount of members to develop knowledge in multiple fields, which would otherwise be almost unaccessible. Our team members are not separated by disciplines, but by projects, and everyone’s ideas are considered.


Walking Machine used to participate in the SAE Walking Machine Student Collegiate Design Series. The club was founded in 1995, with the goal to build an autonomous robot. We are one of the oldest robotic club at ÉTS. Through out the years and different competitions, the club evolved greatly, but its innovative spirit remains.