"To start a competition and not want to win it is to be a dishonest competitor" - Michel Novak

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After participating for many years in the Walking Machine SAE and the Eurobot competitions subsequently, since 2016, we are competing in the RoboCup@Home international competition.

RoboCup@Home summarized

RoboCup@Home is held during RoboCup, the most important robotics competition in the world. The latter also showcases the Soccer, Rescue, and Junior branches. This event, held once a year, brings together universities and colleges from around the world.

RoboCup@Home aims to develop robots for personal assistance with the aim of creating the perfect assistant in everyday tasks. To find the best robots, the teams make their robot do a series of tests to measure their skills and performance in an domestic environment. The main fields of development are: human-machine interaction and cooperation, dynamic environmental navigation and mapping, computer vision and objects recognition under different light, objects manipulation and artificial intelligence.

During the competition

The events are presented in the form of scenarios spread out over two levels of difficulty. Thus, after passing the qualification phase, the robots are confronted with level 1 scenarios. The robots that scored the most access level 2. The five teams who have accumulated the most points during the competition go on to the final round. The winning robot is the one who has accumulated the most points throughout the different stages.

Last year’s scenarios

Stage I

  • Follow a person
  • Clean a room
  • Facial recognition and association
  • Free demonstration of the robot

Stage II

  • Service robot
  • Waiter in a restaurant
  • Demonstration of the robot

Final Stage

  • Demonstration of the robot

To summarize, the competition presents a great level of challenge and contributes greatly to advancing domestic robotics.