One Dev Day At The Time

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Saturday, February 4

The Walking Dev Day has officially kicked off! This Weekend, The Walking Machine Robotics team begins to film its qualification video for the RoboCup@Home Competition at the Palais des congrès. Some early birds arrived at 7AM, ready for a busy work day.

The Dev Day Formula

A Dev Day, like its name might suggest, is a day (read here a whole weekend), where every Walking Machine department get together to advance on our project and implement new technologies developed during the past month. It is a weekend of hard work that will help us set our goals for the upcoming month.

A Special Dev Day

In addition to be able to work in two spacious room at the Palais des congrès for our shooting, we will be visited by members of the RoboCup Organisation Committee, and the Palais des congrès Staff.

The Qualifying Video

In order to bring Sara to Japan, she needs to first impress the Robocup judges. In order to have the highest competition level possible, Sara must be able to do the following tasks:

  1. Navigate in an environment
  2. Take objects
  3. Answer to voice commands
  4. Facial Recognition
  5. Interact with a human

And now, BACK TO WORK!