Partners - Robotiq

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Robotiq designs and manufactures components for collaborative robots to deploy productive robotic cells. Their Lean Robotics approach accelerates the production. But, more than anything, Robotiq is “the humans behind the robots”: a team of enthusiasts grouped together in a cooperative of workers shareholders, collaborating with an international network of partners.

Their main products (adaptive clamps, force sensors and embedded cameras) are easily installed and programmed, thanks to their Plug & Play devices.

These products are used by manufacturers all over the world.

The society is based on values that our club also adheres to: respect, positive attitude and vision, simplicity, creativity, teamwork and family spirit.

We would like to thank them especially for their help in our project. Thanks to Robotiq, our robot SARA can have a hand! This allows us to grasp objects of different sizes. What would SARA be without her hand ?