Partners - OVH

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OVH is a company that offers IT services to its customers around the world: servers, cloud services and e-mail solutions. With 260,000 servers in 22 data centers and 19 countries, OVH is the third largest Internet hosting company in the world. Since 2003, with their different teams, they develop innovative and safe solutions in order to satisfy their customers and guarantee the security of their data. For this, they rely on their team of research profesionnals, of development and exploitation. Support teams are also available for customers to ensure continuous service at the highest level.

For OVH, ecology is not just a trend. Since 2003, they have been working to reduce their energy consumption by developing and integrating innovative cooling systems for their centers.

Because of their choice to help our club, we were able to benefit from dedicated servers equipped with GPUs, giving us sufficient power to introduce us to some machine learning concepts.