Our day-to-day project we work on


Since the beginning of is participation in the RoboCup@Home tournament, our team has worked considerably to fully develop our lovely S.A.R.A, whose name stands for Autonomous Robotics Assistance Systems in French. Her main goal is to be able to help people at home for daily tasks, our mission is to make her as functional as possible, in order for her to be able to navigate in a domestic environment.

Our projects

To accomplish this really big project we have divided our entire team in different departments, each department responsible for their own smaller projects. Most of those projects differ every year. Here are some of the most important project for each departments :


  • Optimize the bottom of the structure
  • Design a new layout for the robot’s computer


  • Implement the CanOpen protocol for most of the hardware
  • Rewire the entire robot in order to make it more accessible and simple, for repairs
  • Add sound localization capabilities


  • Implement 3D object detection
  • Facial expression and gender recognition
  • Optimize our ROS package to have a better code coverage

All of our project are hosted on GitHub, and are entirely open source under the MIT Licence, which can be found in all our repositories. Feel free to look at our code and offer your help, or ask us any question about our conception process. Who knows, we might end up helping each other building the next most important robot!

All our software is designed for ROS, the Robot Operating System. This is a long-time decision to make our development easier and to make sure it could be used or reimplemented if need in new robot.